The ZBag carries everything

Where it started

In 2015 while travelling to Las Vegas for a softball tournament, Jay and Obie were lamenting the extra $25 to check in a weekend bag in addition to their softball equipment bag. While discussing solutions, Jay looked at his backpack and wondered why he couldn’t attach it to his wheeled bag. When they thought of all the reasons why they couldn’t, they decided that with a few changes, they could. And so was born the ZBAG.

Travelling across the US to play softball has become increasingly expensive. We pay a check in fee for our equipment bag and a weekend bag for tournaments. In addition we have seen that many ball players carry a backpack for their gear, leaving the bat handles unprotected during transport. Wheeled bat bags don’t stand up, are not durable and are not very functional in terms of space utilization.

ZBAG is a very versatile bag that, when fully assembled, can be used as a 36” standup, wheeled bat bag capable of storing up to 6 bats, as well as all of the equipment that a ball player can use. As a 36” standing wheeled bag, the top bag can carry cleats, mitt, batting glove and helmet. The large wheels allow players to wheel their ZBAG onto the field through parking lots, dirt and grass.

When travelling to play ball, the bottom 24” wheeled bag can carry all of your gear for playing while the top 12” backpack can carry enough clothing and accessories for the weekend. There is even a removable multipurpose bag that can be used as a cooler, first aid kit, shoe bag to name a few uses. In the off-season, ZBAG is an excellent travel bag for those extended vacations.